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Conflict of interest -  a situation in which a corporation or person with a vested interest in a company becomes unreliable because of the clash between personal interests and professional interests. An example of a conflict of interest would be a board member voting on the induction of lower premiums for companies with fleet vehicles when he is the owner of a truck company outside of the corporation. In relation to law, representation by a lawyer or party with a vested interest in the outcome of the trial would be considered a conflict of interest, and the representation would not be allowed.

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Episode Title: Polling Truths

Teaser: BC fish farms are under increased scrutiny from the BC government, Mainstreet is singled out as polls get another election wrong in Alberta, Singh refuses to denounce the Air India terrorists, and Bill Morneau gets caught in an a conflict of interest.

Recorded Date: October 21, 2017

Release Date: October 21, 2017

Duration: 47:07

Edit Notes: None