Western Context is a podcast based out of western Canada that aims to cut through bias and sensationalism in the mainstream media. Each week we gather the stories that the media either doesn’t talk about or portrays in the wrong light. Western Context releases every Sunday, and as soon as our show is released we are on the hunt for next week’s news.

Join Shane and Patrick as we delve into the news of the week, whether from BC, Alberta, out of Parliament in Ottawa, or even other big news around the rest of the country. Since January 2017, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from serious topics of terrorist attacks and national tragedies, to turning points of election campaigns and policy platforms, to bizarre stories of anthem changes and even a certain Prime Minister capsizing a kayak.

Whether you’re from Western Canada, or not, all news covered will be topical, important and interesting. In an era of fake news, it’s hard to tell what’s actually going on in the world, and if it’s real or not. In uncovering the truth we will corroborate stories from multiple sources to shine light on all the angles. At the end of each episode we highlight a word of the week that relates to the news we cover, and how it’s defined in the dictionary, and sometimes how the media misappropriates terms to suit their own narratives. You can find a catalog of our past words of the week in our glossary.

Rather than skim the surface like many journalism outlets, we delve deeper into a topic to find out why exactly ordinary people should care about what’s been said. We read all sources: left, right, domestic, and international, local and mainstream. This is what allows us to bring you the context and information to put you on the right side of the news.

Whether you are interested about history, economics, politics, or if you’re just trying to find out what exactly is happening in Canada to impact you, Western Context has you covered.

Last updated January 30th 2021